Sunday, June 27, 2010

In the Beginning

Everything is interesting...I guess we will wait and see if that statement holds true. I will be documenting the world around me. The book titled How To Be An Explorer Of The World will be my starting point. Come with me if you dare and document the world from your point of view.

Exploration #1 Right where you are sitting.
1) A bright white kitty whisker is on the floor.
2) There are several brown patches in an otherwise healthy and luscious green lawn.
3) The pendulum on the clock is in sync with my heartbeat.
4) The street light pole is completely engulfed with some type of vine.
5) Kitty paw prints run across the entire length of the freshly vacuumed couch :)
6) One outlet is a different color than the rest. (I must fix that when I'm done)
7) There is a scratch on the cherry wood coffee table.
8) The neighbors still have Christmas lights on their palm tree.
9) When the lightning flashes it gives the room a creepy old movie feel.
10) There are twenty one candles in this one room!