Friday, July 1, 2011

EXPLORATION #22 People Watching

Sit in a public location and document people you see for one hour. Take detailed notes. Make sketches of one item that stands out most about each person.

I don't draw well especially people so this one will be a challenge for me:)

I decided to make a trip to a  local BBQ place. Although I observed several people, I decided to document the ones who stood out the most. I'm not sure if my mood played into what I observed but ...

I watched the various servers as they waited on their customers and two of them really stood out. They were complete opposites. One appeared genuinely happy to be there while the other server put on a mask of happiness.  The happy server walked with a spring in her step.  Her ponytail would whip side to side as she walked. She smiled at all of her customers. She even carried a smiley face pencil to take orders with.

An older couple with a child came in and sat at the booth next to mine. I call them older but they were probably anywhere from late forties to early fifties. I'm fairly certain the child with them was theirs. The child was about six or seven. I was very uncomfortable sitting next to them. I felt bad for the young boy.  They talked to him in such a degrading way it would erode even the strongest will. I wanted to snatch him away but of course that wasn't an option. Instead, I had to be satisfied that this experience would hopefully make him stronger. The mother was very stern looking with a strong jaw. The father although stern in his actions did not have the physical appearance of stern. He held his fork like a child first learning to use it. He was more meek and looked like he could easily be intimidated. Perhaps that is why he treated the child like he did. Maybe it was the only thing or person in his life he could intimidate and control.

I loved the older (70ish) couple. The man sat looking all comfortable in his broken in and faded polo shirt. The lady with her piercing blue eyes looked content and happy to be here. She wore the typical "older lady" hairstyle with her little curls close to her head and wound up real tight. She had a genuine laugh that was contagious. I had to catch myself so I didn't start laughing. They enjoyed each other. I believe they have been together for a long time and are happy about it. In addition to enjoying each other  they were very pleasant with their server and took time to enjoy the meal.