Thursday, October 27, 2011

EXPLORATION #28 - Blind Observation

Place an object or a series of objects in your pocket. Describe them using only touch.
Alternate: Go around your room in the dark and identify all the objects by touch. Describe them.

I had to change up this task just a little. I have very few garments with pockets so I placed my item in a pillow case.

The item inside is cool to the touch. It runs from the tip of my middle finger to the start of my wrist. You can feel a slight texture of the handle which is  a little larger in diameter than a pencil. The end of the handle has a slightly raised lip that bends a little into a smoother round surface. The top of the handle has a flat metallic object placed in it. You can feel four slotted openings running vertical and two other longer slots vertical but curved at the edges. The top of the smooth metal has two pointed and flat pieces on each side. The pieces extend out like ears and are about the width of my pinkie. If you press down on them they are slightly uncomfortable, however, probably not sharp enough to cut you unless you use extreme pressure. One side of the slotted metal contains a large spring about the diameter of my ring finger. The spring starts about a knuckles length away from the start of the handle. The spring will turn back and forth if you roll it against the metal. After feeling all parts and pieces you are able to determine the handle is weighted heavier than the remainder of the piece.


Monday, October 24, 2011

EXPLORATION #27 - Accidental Art

Go for a walk. Identify and document existing "art" that you find, such as things that are not created on purpose. Some examples include stains on sidewalks, spilled paint, bird poo, rust, things that are damaged, random arrangements of objects or find interesting, a bag caught in a tree.

Stolen Art

Tread Wear


Alien Birth

X Marks The Spot




Monday, August 29, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Concrete River
Study and document shapes made by water. Find as many as you can. Research shapes, come up with new ones.

I have been patiently waiting for this exploration. I only wish I knew how to use Photo Shop. I have such grand ideas.  I have always been fascinated with water.  I love the way it moves, sometimes with such grace and other times with fury. I love how it reflects light both natural and man made.

Here are my displays of water shapes.


Splish Splash

Above & Below
On the edge

Boiling Point
Rain cloud reflections

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

EXPLORATION #24 Combinations

Combine groups of objects for visual or emotional contrast. You might try natural vs. human-made, contrasting colors, alive vs. decaying, light vs. dark.

Alternate #1: Take two different objects and try to create as many connections between them as you can.
Alternate #2: Write about what it is like to combine two different activities, such as eating and reading, or walking and drawing. How does one activity affect the other?

Friday, July 1, 2011

EXPLORATION #22 People Watching

Sit in a public location and document people you see for one hour. Take detailed notes. Make sketches of one item that stands out most about each person.

I don't draw well especially people so this one will be a challenge for me:)

I decided to make a trip to a  local BBQ place. Although I observed several people, I decided to document the ones who stood out the most. I'm not sure if my mood played into what I observed but ...

I watched the various servers as they waited on their customers and two of them really stood out. They were complete opposites. One appeared genuinely happy to be there while the other server put on a mask of happiness.  The happy server walked with a spring in her step.  Her ponytail would whip side to side as she walked. She smiled at all of her customers. She even carried a smiley face pencil to take orders with.

An older couple with a child came in and sat at the booth next to mine. I call them older but they were probably anywhere from late forties to early fifties. I'm fairly certain the child with them was theirs. The child was about six or seven. I was very uncomfortable sitting next to them. I felt bad for the young boy.  They talked to him in such a degrading way it would erode even the strongest will. I wanted to snatch him away but of course that wasn't an option. Instead, I had to be satisfied that this experience would hopefully make him stronger. The mother was very stern looking with a strong jaw. The father although stern in his actions did not have the physical appearance of stern. He held his fork like a child first learning to use it. He was more meek and looked like he could easily be intimidated. Perhaps that is why he treated the child like he did. Maybe it was the only thing or person in his life he could intimidate and control.

I loved the older (70ish) couple. The man sat looking all comfortable in his broken in and faded polo shirt. The lady with her piercing blue eyes looked content and happy to be here. She wore the typical "older lady" hairstyle with her little curls close to her head and wound up real tight. She had a genuine laugh that was contagious. I had to catch myself so I didn't start laughing. They enjoyed each other. I believe they have been together for a long time and are happy about it. In addition to enjoying each other  they were very pleasant with their server and took time to enjoy the meal.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Go to your favorite street. (If you can't go there physically, then you can visit in your mind.) Map it out on a piece of paper. Then describe (or otherwise document) everything in detail: the shops, houses, street signs, trees, etc.

It was hard to pick just one favorite street for this exploration. After running through the several in my head I have decided to choose Adena Road.

Adena Road is located inside Adena State Memorial. It is a road that I would visit several times every summer. The road begins as a long winding hill. Even as a child I would notice the large incline you had to climb to reach the top. The road was paved for cars to travel, however a car isn't the mode of transport for children. I would usually ride a bike or walk. After reaching the top, the scene would change. You are transported back in time. I always felt as if I was entering another time, another place. I liked that feeling. It was my own personal escape from my reality. It allowed me to be someone else.

The first thing you come across is the landscaped gardens. They were usually different each summer. I liked them best when they were sculpted high kind of like a labyrinth. The gardens were beautiful. They always gave off a delightful scent.  As you meander through the gardens you will stumble upon a crushed stone path leading up to the main house.

A well maintained mansion built in 1807. The house was designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, considered to be the first American architect. Latrobe served as architect of the US Capitol under Thomas Jefferson. The house belonged to Thomas Worthington, the sixth Governor of Ohio and one of the first  US Senators.  As you wander the road you will come across several other buildings that have been restored and maintained to preserve this moment in time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Make a list of placid small thoughts you have throughout the week (for instance, what were you thinking just now?)

Now that is a good question! Right this very minute I had a vision instead of a thought. I saw myself sitting in a field of clover. I LOVE clover!

Tuesday 10:30 p.m. Calgon take me away! I will sit and soak the day away in my bathtub full of lavender vanilla bubbles.

Okay, I don't think I will be happy just listing my thoughts so... here is something else.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


These little guys are all over the garden.
While on your travels, come up with as many things as you can find to use as pigment (adding water if necessary). Some examples include crushed berries,mud (using different kinds of dirt), crushed leaves, spices.

Alternate: Document an experience using stains.

This exploration takes me back to my childhood. I can remember many times going out and gathering different items to crush up and use as paint. After all, Barbie was a great painter :)

     The flowers in our backyard offered up their petals. We had to grind them into a paste to use them. We only used dried up sunflower petals that had fallen to the ground. We have grown our babies from seed and couldn't bare stripping them of fresh petals. 

One of our many sunflowers w/bee friend.

Color wheel

I decided to use some of my favorite Indian spices. Most did pretty well. Tumeric was a nice bright yellow orange and it's intense aroma is delightful to the senses. I threw in some parsley because I realized I had forgotten green. It didn't work so great. I'm sure if I had fresh parsely on hand we would have had better results.

The coffee paint was my absolute favorite. I used instant coffee. The texture was similar to paint and it allowed the brush to flow freely. Coffee is one of my favorite scents and flavors. 

I enjoyed this exploration. It was a real hands on task. It fed into my love of scents and textures. I even had an assistant, my daughter. She thought it was "pretty cool" making paint from some of the items I chose.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Document part of a building(s) that most people ignore. Pay attention to the hidden places. Alternate: Document the corners of your home.

Corners of coffee table

From above

From below (skylight)

Door corners

Corners of orange (throw pillow)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Consider that everything around you is a source for sculpture. Try making quick pieces using whatever you have around in the moment.
I do LOVE dark chocolate!
Took some time to squeeze in a post and used the objects close at hand.  Not so creative this time around  :(

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Create a simple survey of at least five questions. Give it to a sampling of people. Document the answers in a way that is interesting and readable.

I had to put my thinking cap on for this one. I decided to use my folks at the workplace for my survey questions. With this in mind, I had to use questions that would pertain to them or interest them in some way. I decided to send the questions out via my monthly newsletter and hoped I would get a response from at least five people.

1) Would you be interested in participating in a community yard sale?

2) What additional amenities do you feel would best suit your needs?
3) Do the office hours provide you with the availability to service your needs?

11 Yes

4) If we begin charging a water usage fee, would you look elsewhere to live?
5) Do you think we should begin to accept pets on the property?
         11 NO!

Some of my favorite responses...
1) Whose community?
2) Trash pick up at the door.
3) Yes, I feel the office staff is already overworked. :)
4) Don't we pay for water now?
5) No, I don't want to have to smell and look at poop.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Record everything you consume or everything you purchase in one day/week.

I decided I would record everything I consumed today. Today's list was relatively short due to the fact I was beyond busy today. I didn't take time out to eat.

Breakfast consisted of two whole wheat slices of multi grain toast with a  tablespoon of Nutella and a tablespoon of ground flax seeds. I LOVE Nutella! It is like a dessert to me.  I also consumed an eight ounce glass of skim milk, an eight ounce glass of water along with my antibiotic.

At the office, I had a cup of coffee with two Coffeemate Creamers and one half a Splenda packet.
I later had two 16 oz. bottles of spring water. I also grabbed a small unsweet tea from McDonald's on my way back from the bank. I ate two dark chocolate Dove's with almonds.

My dinner consisted of  half a leftover  vegetarian burrito, The Art Vanda lay, from Moe's. The remainder of my  tea and an eight ounce glass of water followed by one more antibiotic pill.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sit in a location for one hour. Document all the sounds you can hear and the times you heard them.

Today probably wasn't the best day to choose for this exploration, however, I must make the best of the time I have. Today was a rather gloomy day. It rained most of the morning and has been overcast for much of the day. I have been beyond busy with life and decided to spend my lunch hour outside at my office.

View to the left

View to the right
 I spent most of the time sitting right outside of our supply shop. I wanted to stay out of view from everyone so I would hopefully have most of my time uninterrupted.

In the background for the entire hour I could hear the hum of the pool pump motor. As the hour ticked by, I really didn't notice it so much unless I made an effort to focus on it.

***The sound of my breath as I inhaled  and exhaled to rid myself of the stress so far today.
*** The rustle of leaves as the wind blows.
*** Gravel under tires as a car drives across the construction site next door.
*** A metallic ting of one of our three pool gates close.
*** A leaf blower
*** Knock knock...who's there? A red headed wood pecker.
***A washer lid slam shut.
*** The sound of my clogs on wooden boards as I race up a ramp to escape some raindrops.
***The sound of the rain as it hits the tin roof of the supply shed.
*** A motorcycle rev its engine.
*** The sound of water dripping into a metal pie plate.
***the song "How do you like me now... by Toby Keith? coming from the pickup truck that pulled in next door.
***A car door slam.
***Men talking but I'm not able to make out the words.
*** A train whistle.
***"Meweer Meweer, hiss... the sound of a cat scuffle.
*** Air brakes from some type of large vehicle stopping.
*** A sliding screen door open.
***A rush of water from a balcony above. (watering plants perhaps)
***A mom and daughter discussing their plans for the evening.
***Keys jingle as I place them in the lock to go back to work.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


        Document lettering you find out in the world.                
                  Take notes about where you found the samples.

Engravers font

The font below was found on the beautiful painting  hanging in my "reading room". The painting was done by my daughter. 
This font was found on hand towels.

Edwardian Script       


 I am sure this font will be recognized by everyone. It is on a yummy box of chocolates!

Monotype Corsiva

This print contains several different types of fonts. Monotype Corvosia, Iskoola Pola, Century, Arabic Typesetting and several others.

This coffee cup can be found hanging above my breakfast bar.

Kristen ITC

My most favorite font of all is the one below. It is found on the handwritten note left for me from my daughter.

"Kat" Font