Tuesday, May 31, 2011


These little guys are all over the garden.
While on your travels, come up with as many things as you can find to use as pigment (adding water if necessary). Some examples include crushed berries,mud (using different kinds of dirt), crushed leaves, spices.

Alternate: Document an experience using stains.

This exploration takes me back to my childhood. I can remember many times going out and gathering different items to crush up and use as paint. After all, Barbie was a great painter :)

     The flowers in our backyard offered up their petals. We had to grind them into a paste to use them. We only used dried up sunflower petals that had fallen to the ground. We have grown our babies from seed and couldn't bare stripping them of fresh petals. 

One of our many sunflowers w/bee friend.

Color wheel

I decided to use some of my favorite Indian spices. Most did pretty well. Tumeric was a nice bright yellow orange and it's intense aroma is delightful to the senses. I threw in some parsley because I realized I had forgotten green. It didn't work so great. I'm sure if I had fresh parsely on hand we would have had better results.

The coffee paint was my absolute favorite. I used instant coffee. The texture was similar to paint and it allowed the brush to flow freely. Coffee is one of my favorite scents and flavors. 

I enjoyed this exploration. It was a real hands on task. It fed into my love of scents and textures. I even had an assistant, my daughter. She thought it was "pretty cool" making paint from some of the items I chose.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Document part of a building(s) that most people ignore. Pay attention to the hidden places. Alternate: Document the corners of your home.

Corners of coffee table

From above

From below (skylight)

Door corners

Corners of orange (throw pillow)